I work with delighted clients throughout the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas.  Below are some of their comments.

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14 Responses to Reviews

  1. patty corwin says:

    patty is easy to work with, she listens to your ideas and then carries them out with her great eye for beauty and affordability (if that’s what your after!). i would highly recommend her.
    patty corwin

  2. Patty is the Go-To-Person when it comes to Landscape design! She definitly has a detailed knowledge of everything Garden and is a wealth of knowledge from start to finish and she makes the whole process FUN! I definitly will use her again and recommend her talents to anyone in need of design help!
    I also, know Patty personally (30+ years) and she is quality all the way through!

  3. John Franklin says:

    I recommend Patty to my neighbors every time they walk by and rave about my yard. It has actually spurred a number of my neighbors to improve their yards. I believe it has increased the property value and beauty of my block. Patty was extremely easy to work with in regards to meeting my desires for color and drought-resistant plants. It was such a pleasure to work with her. My garden is easy to maintain and abundantly colorful.

  4. Margaret Dixon says:

    We did our homework, Patty stood out, she is uniquely creative. We found her to be knowledegable, prompt and honest. Patty was responsive, always there when she said she would be, and finished the job on time within our budget. Love my yard!!!

  5. D. Powers says:

    Patty has a talent for taking an idea and making it happen–in living color! She has the ability to listen, is sensitive to a project’s unique challenges and creates beautiful, liveable outdoor spaces. Highly recommend!

  6. Liz Levy says:

    Patty did a fantastic job on my neighbor’s challenging backyard, incorporating all of her wants and needs and designing a thoroughly functional and beautiful space. Her design skills are topnotch, as are her choice of plants and materials to suit the location. Perhaps most importantly, her enthusiasm and contagious cheerfulness is what will help you get to the “finished product” with a smile on your face.

  7. Cathy Diaz says:

    OMG!! Patty Walters and her Landscape Design talents are beyond beyond. It all began for me while we were rowing at the spa and I was talking about wanting to upgrade my front garden area. I watched what she did for another “rower” and his garden and I thought, “Well, I want that too!!” From there she TOTALLY revamped my back area and definitely spruced up my front.

    Now my neighbors smile when they walk by and I feel sooooooooo proud to have such a classy, professional, gorgeous, unique, plus comfortable and very practical front garden and back garden & patio.

  8. Ingrid Naser says:

    I love our new yard. We decided to lose the lawn and put in low maintenance, drought tolerant landscape. Patty was recommended to us and we hit it off right away. I loved the way she listened and probed to make sure she really understood what OUR wants and needs were rather than a preconceived idea of what our space should be.

    What used to be a chore is now a pleasant and relaxing activity…I really enjoy spending time in my new garden, even the weeding! I can’t begin to count the number of compliments I have received from friends and neighbors on our wonderful new yard.

  9. Donna Pesce says:

    I received Patty’s name from a neighbor and I am sooo happy. We got rid of the lawn in the front and the yard we now have is incredibly beautiful. I cannot tell you how many friends, walkers, neighbors have commented on its beauty. Patty listens and acts with a smile. She is a joy to be around and creates beauty. I highly recommend Patty. She is a Gem!!

  10. Valerie Kelly says:

    We worked with Patty on a complete redesign of our front and backyard hardscape. Patty was fantastic and we love the end result!! Her design was practical, creative, professional and easy for our contractor to follow. Her services were cost effective. She developed the plans quickly and was available to respond to questions from our contractor as the work was completed. The old saying is that when it comes to home improvement contractors that you can have 2 of the 3: 1. you can have quality, 2. you can have best price; or 3. you can have speedy work. With Patty, we truly feel we got all 3! Really, what more can you say!

  11. Fred Caudillo says:

    We completed our backyard landscape with Patty Walters landscape design and what a pleasure!! We had seen some of her previous work in the Cupertino hills at another home where she’d completed the front and back yards. Patty listened our inputs and laid out the plans with professionalism while drawing on her knowledge of plants and design. Her plans incorporated:
    1) esthetic for color through the seasons,
    2) placement of the lawn and plants,
    3) a list and sizes of plants,
    4) hard scape for entertaining and screening for privacy,
    5) low maintenance needs,
    6) decorative fountain, garden lighting and a seating bench
    She was available for any questions or concerns once the contractors began the work. Her fee was reasonable and, in this tough economy, we were able to meet our budget needs to get it completed. I took photos throughout the process and will gladly provide any recommendation or viewing upon request. We will have years of pleasure and enjoyment in our backyard but can’t wait till we work with her again on our front yard! Thanks, Patty!

  12. Debora Steininger says:

    Several years ago my husband and I acted as owner/builders (our own general contractor) of a home we built in Saratoga. In the process we hired all our subcontractors, and without a doubt, Patty was among the very best!!! We had some particular requests regarding our landscape design: ease of maintenance; drought tolerance; frost tolerance; Mediterranean flavor; year around interest and color; and no great expense (we were nearing the end of this project). Patty scored 5 stars on each and every one of our requests, and in addition was an absolute pleasure to work with and always available by phone or in person as needed. We received compliments on our landscape from the beginning, and now that the plants have had time to mature, we hear raves from almost everyone who comes to the door. I can’t thank Patty enough, or recommend her highly enough!

  13. Ron Salinas says:

    I needed a landscape make-over of the front yard that was easy to maintain and prettier to look at, and Patty delivered! It was almost as if she read my mind when it came to choosing plants I love. As an artist myself, I truly appreciate the color palette she put together.
    Patty was very pleasant to work with, and offered great advice on all aspects of maintaining the yard. Going beyond the call of duty, she even offered to stop by the day before planting to make sure the placement was accurate.
    I am absolutely in love with my new front yard. Patty is brilliant!!

  14. Angie says:

    Patty saved the day! I was at a loss about how to landscape a hilly, rocky area and Patty knew just what would thrive in that area. I am extremely pleased with the finished project. The color and variety are magnificent and looking at it through my kitchen window makes me smile! Thanks Patty!

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